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Paleo Pines!!!

Wow, as of writing this post, I’m a published author! How wild. Anyway–something else dino-related that came out a

Lost Time Retrospective

It’s still pretty wild to me that Lost Time is about to be its own book, releasing this year in October. The book itself

Lapeo Region 2.0: The New Guys!

As I mentioned in my last post here, I recently redrew all my fossil fakemon dex and compiled them into a little zine (which i

Lapeo Region 2.0

I just always find myself returning to this little fakemon project every so often–it’s been a wonderful little sid

Lapeo Region: Slightly Spooky Edition

And all of a sudden… another Fakemon region update! Because… why not? It’s been a wild busy couple months fo

Extinction: The Zine

Minor content warning: This post talks a little about grief, especially in regards to the recent pandemic. About two years ago

The Sanity Circus: 8 Years Later

May 22, 2022, marks the eighth birthday of my webcomic, the Sanity Circus (or as I like to just call SanCirc). EIGHT whole yea

Lapeo Fakemon Region: Part 2

Oops, well. I did say my next post wasn’t going to be about dinosaurs, but after my last fakemon post I got another resu

Lapeo Fakemon Region: Early Stages

Okay, well Pokemon has always been a part of me, and even as a kid I was scribbling fake Pokemon (“Fakemon”) till

Hourly Comics Day 2022

February 1st is Hourly Comics Day, where lots of artists draw cute little comics detailing their whole day in hour segments. I

Tabletop Ventures

In 2018 I finally was introduced to tabletop RPGs, something that had piqued my interest around the time it was pretty much pi

Dromia, Part 2

Click here for part one. Now that we’ve been introduced to the world of Dromia and some of its creatures, it’s tim

Dromia, Part 1

A small writing/worldbuilding project I undertook in late 2019-2020 was Dromia, which eventually evolved into its own little n

A Loveletter to the Prehistoric

I guess it’s not too surprising to hear I like dinosaurs. It says it right there on the side, and in plenty of my works