Paint the Town Red is a collaborative comic series by myself and Jay Kiakas. It follows the lives of several vampires, werewolves and demons in the town of Merlot. It can be read online here.

Winny Barlowe is a turned werewolf; Emerson Pines is her turner; Victoria Darling is a vampire with a new mysterious scar on her eye; Jinny is a recently turned vampire still learning the ropes. And they all live in the same building.

The story for Paint the Town Red has been floating around ever since we got together–I started sketching a few characters for a story, and Jay joined in with their own characters. Soon, we had a full cast of monster ladies, a comic we had to share.

Volume 1 was Kickstarted in 2019, and Volume 2 is slated for 2020. It is a pure, gay, werewolf x vampire guilty pleasure that we love to work on.


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