Tasha Mukanik



“Augustine” is the working title for an adventure comic. It follows August and her ragtag group of friends in a western-inspired world with a dash of Greek Mythology.

You can read it online here!

August and her team have stumbled into the mythical Heart of the Gods–supposedly. The obvious next step is to cash it in, as it’ll definitely give them a pretty penny to pay off their bounties, but something holds August back–the myths she knows of the harpy goddess, Podarke, the owner of the Heart, which she has been holding onto for all her life. These myths turn out to be true as Podarke herself hunts the group down and kidnaps August, leaving it up to the rest to go and rescue her. But the more August and Podarke learn about each other, the more alike they realize they are… and perhaps this goddess is more human than August thought.

Augustine is aimed to be a light-hearted, fun romp with humour, action and romance–with a core built on heart, found family and letting go of one’s past. It is a collaboration between me and J Kiakas.


Concepts and Illustrations





Augustine is the rework of another work titled Xenia, which was a much more somber, serious comic. Although we both still love the concept of Xenia, we felt it wasn’t quite a match for the main characters, August and Podarke, so we took them out and created Augustine with them instead. We may still return to the ideas of Xenia one day.




Xenia Concepts and Illustrations