Tasha Mukanik


A handful of other projects that have some art and concepts, but their stories are either for a short story, or aren’t fully developed yet.



A Tempo is a comic I made with J. It follows a Time Witch named Kena, who scolds a One-Man-Band named Quinn for her timing…only to fall in love with her afterwards. J and I each had a character (mine was the clock witch, Kena), and decided to make a little cute comic of them together.



Dromia is a written story project about an alternate world beyond the Cretaceous, where dinosaurs continued to live and evolve. It mainly revolves around the Dromia, an intelligent raptor species that has spanned the continent and created their own culture, mythos, and dangers. We follow the story of Firefly, a young female Dromian on her first outing from home, where she soon runs into an eccentric traveler from the southern lands, and the strange cult of god-worshipers that seem to want something from her. She must avoid them and the unique dangers this world presents.

Dromia is intended to be purely for fun. It involves some light spec evo and worldbuilding, and so far I am unsure if the final story will be shared. Below, though, is plenty of concept art I drew for it, because I can’t resist drawing dinosaurs in any way.



This was a written short story I did in early 2019. Since then I’ve been struggling to come up with a way to showcase it–comic? Illustrated story? For now it’s likely to become W&W’s first release of Monster Bites, short little stories in tiny book format.



This is planned as a short story, about a famous conductor woman and her brush with a powerful death god. I will make it…. someday.