These are a handful of projects that have some art for them, but their stories are either too vague, not meant for a narrative, or aren’t fully developed yet.


A Tempo

A Tempo is a comic I made with Jay. We each had a character (mine was the clock-witch, Kena), and decided to make a little cute comic of them together.


Untitled Harpy Story

This story has been kicking around for a while–it was originally one of my first webcomics, called Pestilence. It’s since been revamped a lot, where the title doesn’t fit anymore, and the characters have continued to be redesigned over the years.

The idea now is a world with only harpy people, dealing with magic and gods.



House Atop the Hill

This was a written short story I did in early 2019. Since then I’ve been struggling to come up with a way to showcase it–comic? Illustrated story? For now it’s likely to become W&W’s first release of Monster Bites, short little stories in tiny book format.



The Harpy Slayer

This one’s been through quite a few iterations and you could even call it a proto-Xenia. I felt the aesthetic was too off for Xenia’s story, so now it’s its own thing while Xenia had new characters drawn for it. At the moment, this story might become an 18+ comic, if I ever get the courage to draw it.



Paper Scissors Rock

This one is a comic idea that’s still in the early stages–most art of it I have is on paper. So far, it’s a lighthearted comedy comic about a demon (named Papercut) and the woman who summons her.


Pterosaur Girlfriends

Designs of a couple anthro Pterosaurs (who are girlfriends) I have kicking around.


Tabletop Characters

Characters made specifically for tabletop games.


“Harpy Hell”

A period in 2015 where I created a harpy character, Ru, and others joined in, making their own harpies.


Professor Cretaceous & Dr. Finkles

A couple of nonsense characters made just for fun. Prof C is one I often revisit just for his fun design.



Maestro was my mascot character for a long time. I don’t draw them as often now, but they still mean a lot to me.