Tasha Mukanik


Collections of artwork that don’t really fit into anything else here.


Tabletop Characters

Characters created for tabletop games. They are, so far: Urva, a dwarf ranger (with her raptor companion, Mellburn); Maksim, a dhampir cavalier; Rosco, a strix bloodrager; Raddley, a vesk soldier; Thunderclap, a barbarian kenku; Shax, a tiefling rogue; Hela, an aarakocra sorcerer; Deeg, a kobold rogue.



I don’t know what else to call this, here’s just… a big collection of different harpy characters I’ve created. I like harpies.


Professor Cretaceous & Dr. Finkles

A couple of characters I’ve had kicking around for a while, not a part of any story, just for funsies.

Pterosaur Girlfriends

More characters done for fun, a couple of girlfriends, who are also pterosaurs.


Maestro the Flamingo

Maestro was (is?) my mascot character.