Tasha Mukanik

Lost Time

LOST TIME   Lost Time is a middle grade graphic novel about a young girl surviving in the late Cretaceous of North Americ

The Sanity Circus

THE SANITY CIRCUS   The Sanity Circus (often shortened to SanCirc) is a webcomic that has been running since 2014. It fol

Paint the Town Red

PAINT THE TOWN RED   Paint the Town Red is a collaborative comic series by myself and Jay Kiakas. It follows the lives of

The Curse of Blackwood Manor

THE CURSE OF BLACKWOOD MANOR   The Curse of Blackwood Manor is a YA graphic novel following 18-year-old Sam Hannegan and


AUGUSTINE   “Augustineā€ is the working title for an adventure comic. It follows August and her ragtag group of fr


WITCHWEED   Witchweed is the working title for a YA graphic novel, following the efforts of two ladies who work as animal

Jack Jallow and the Ghost of Hallowsville

JACK JALLOW AND THE GHOST OF HALLOWSVILLE   Jack Jallow and the Ghost of Hallowsville is the concept for a middle grade g

Other Projects

OTHER PROJECTS A handful of other projects that have some art and concepts, but their stories are either for a short story, or


COMICS Personal Work The Sanity Circus An ongoing fantasy comic about a girl in a strange city full of monsters. It updates on


ILLUSTRATION Full Illustrations     OC-Tober (2020) A challenge to draw an OC every day for October.     &

Dinosaurs & Paleoart

DINOSAURS & PALEOART   Reconstructions and illustrations of prehistoric animals, with scientific accuracy in mind. &n

Character Design

CHARACTER DESIGN   Lost Time A graphic novel about a girl living in the late Cretaceous of North America with a Quetzalco




FANWORKS   Fanart for other comics     Other Fanart    


MISCELLANEOUS Collections of artwork that don’t really fit into anything else here.   Tabletop Characters Character